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Want to share your work?


Magazine Submission Guidelines:

  1. The theme is: Mundane Magic. (It can be as interpreted as you like! See the theme explanation below for inspiration.)​ Pieces do not have to be strictly related to the theme - submit anyway!

  2. Files should be named the title of the piece.

  3. Do not include your name in the file, but please include it in the body of the message as directed here.

  4. Visual art pieces should be photographed or scanned at high quality with adequate lighting and be attached as preferably JPEG or TIFF files.

  5. Multiple submissions from the same contributor should be attached as separate files.

  6. A maximum of 10 submissions may be accepted, but please note that typically no more than 3 submissions will be published per individual.

  7. For visual artwork (photography, 2D art, etc.) you may submit an explanation of your piece in relation to theme or in general if you would like to, 

  8. Express yourself and have fun!

Have questions? Click here to contact us.

Theme Explanation:

This theme focuses on the beauty in small moments, the little joys that make life special. Whether it's warm, fresh bread, writing with a special pen, or the smell of the breeze on a fall day, everyone's lives are made up of a million small details that make them more vibrant. What little things make your life magical? What are the ordinary moments you hold sacred?


This theme can also focus on aesthetics, as things like dark academia or cottagecore are made up of these small, mundane magics. If you're enchanted by the magic of things regarded as ordinary, this theme is for you!

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